Benefits of Ortho-K for Myopia Control

Benefits of Ortho-K for Myopia Control

Benefits of Ortho-K for Myopia Control

Benefits of Ortho-K for Myopia Control

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k for short, is a revolutionary technique to slow or even halt the progression of myopia aka shortsighedness. Ortho-k uses bespoke contact lenses that are made from gas-permeable material and are worn overnight. While you sleep, they apply gentle pressure to the eyes to reshape the cornea as is needed to correct your refractive error. The next morning, you can simply remove your contact lenses and put them in their container for cleaning, and then go about your day as usual.



Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of ortho-k for myopia control.



You can continue to see without corrective lenses


Arguably one of the biggest and most unique benefits of ortho-k lenses is that once you remove them in the morning, your eyes can retain their new shape for a number of hours, and this enables you to continue to see clearly without the need for corrective lenses. The more consistently you wear ortho-k lenses overnight, the longer your eyes will be able to retain their improved shape, meaning the longer you will be able to see clearly without using contact lenses or glasses. And if you decide to stop treatment, your vision will return to how it was before you began wearing the lenses within just a few days.  



Ortho-k lenses can slow or even stop myopia progression


While it may not cause any pain and so may not seem serious, research shows that high levels of myopia can lead to a range of eye health issues that could have severe consequences for your vision. Examples include cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal detachment. Some of these conditions cause irreversible vision loss. The higher your prescription becomes, the greater risk you are at, so it’s essential to get myopia under control as soon as possible.



They can also correct other refractive eye problems


Although primarily used to correct myopia, ortho-k lenses can also be used to treat mild cases of hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (where the eye is shaped like a football can this causes light to be focused in multiple places) and presbyopia (the natural age-related hardening of the lend of the eye which makes it harder to focus on nearby objects). This makes them extremely versatile and valuable.


Comfortable and convenient


Ortho-k lenses are bespoke; created specifically to suit the shape of your eyes. This makes them comfortable to be worn overnight, ensuring that the treatment doesn’t disrupt your sleep. They are also made from gas-permeable material, which enables oxygen to reach your eyes and keep them hydrated, healthy and comfortable.



Avoid dry eye


Many people who wear contact lenses during the day suffer from a condition known as dry eye. This is where the surface of the eyes doesn’t have as much tear film as it should, or the quality of the tear film is diminished. Dry eyes can be uncomfortable, causing irritation, redness, scratchiness and blurred vision. It can also make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable. However, when you choose ortho-k lenses, you won’t need to wear them during the day which could help you to avoid dry eye altogether.



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