How Do I Find the Right Fit for My Contacts?

How Do I Find the Right Fit for My Contacts?

How Do I Find the Right Fit for My Contacts?

How Do I Find the Right Fit for My Contacts?

For most people, seeing well is essential to performing their daily activities. Good eyesight contributes to independence and overall well-being for individuals of all ages. People with poor but correctable vision have several options to improve their sight.


These include eyeglasses, contact lenses, and laser surgery. Your eyes, budget, and lifestyle will determine your best option. However, it is best to discuss your options with your eye doctor.


Are You Considering Switching to Contact Lenses?


Contacts are an excellent way to gain comfortable, clear vision without dealing with eyeglasses. However, your eyesight can suffer if the fit is not correct. So, if you are considering switching to contact lenses or your current ones offer less than clear vision, scheduling a contact lens exam and fitting is essential.


Finding the Right Contact Lenses


Contacts are an excellent alternative to eyeglasses. If you are considering switching to contact lenses, it is essential to ensure they fit correctly and comfortably. It would help if you also understood contact lens hygiene and safety. That is why a contact lens exam is essential. It typically includes a comprehensive eye exam and then a contact lens fitting. Eye doctors check for any issues that could interfere with the success and comfort of contact lens wear.


Contact Lens Fitting


One size does not fit all with contacts. That is why eye doctors take various measurements to fit contact lenses properly. Those that do not fit properly could cause blurry vision, discomfort, or even eye damage. Some of the standard measures they take during the fitting include the following:


  • Corneal curvature

  • Pupil and iris size

  • Tear film evaluation


Trial and Prescription


Once your eye doctor determines the pair of contacts that work best for your eyes, he/she will have you wear a pair of trial contacts. The purpose of doing so is to confirm the comfort and fit before ordering your contact lenses. Your doctor will insert the lenses and ask you to keep them in for about 20 minutes before examining the fit, tearing, and movement of your eye.


If the contacts appear to fit, your eye doctor will order your lenses. He/she will also provide hygiene and care instructions. That includes how to insert and remove them, how long to wear them, how to clean them, and how to store them safely.




Your doctor will likely ask you to schedule a follow-up visit to determine whether your eyes are adjusting correctly and your new contacts fit properly. However, you should visit your eye doctor immediately if you experience eye dryness or discomfort. The doctor may decide to try different lenses, different lens disinfectants, or try to adjust your wearing schedule.




Wearing contacts has many benefits. They can help you see, feel, and play well. However, finding the right fit for your contacts would be best to get the most out of your wearing experience. All contact lenses are medical devices that require an eye doctor’s prescription and fitting.


For more on contact lenses, call Wellesley Hills Eye Care in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Call (781) 501-9120 to schedule an appointment today.

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